Old Testament Studies Part 3

Johnny Stringer
Appropriate for mixed-aged classes. Easy enough for first graders but enough material for older students.
Lesson titles are: 1. God Gives The Ten Commandments To Israel 2. God Gives More Laws And Israel Sins 3. Still Camped By Mount Sinai 4. Israel Leaves Mt. Sinai and The People Complain 5. Twelve Spies Are Sent Into Canaan 6. Korah’s Rebellion 7. Israel Is Still In The Wilderness 8. Balaam 9. Moses’ Final Speeches And His Death 10. Israel Begins To Conquer Canaan 11. The Sin of Achan 12. Israel Conquers Canaan 13. After Joshua’s Death—Judges Lessons include memory verses and different types of questions, such as multiple choice, short answer, matching, true-false, and fill in the blanks. Each lesson also includes application questions to help students learn how the lessons can apply to their own lives. There is a map at the beginning of the book.