Acts of the Apostles Part 4

Johnny Stringer
Appropriate for mixed-aged classes. Easy enough for first graders but enough material for older students.
Lesson titles are: 1. A Plan To Kill Paul 2. Paul Is Taken To Felix 3. Paul Teaches Felix 4. Festus and Agrippa Hear Paul 5. The Voyage to Rome Begins 6. Paul on a Storm-Tossed Ship 7. The Ship Wrecks and a Snake Bites Paul 8. Paul Gets To Rome 9. A Busy Prisoner 10. Review of Important Events in Acts (1): A Great Beginning—Acts 1 and 2 11. Review of Important Events in Acts (2): The Christians Scattered and the Gospel Spread 12. Review of Important Events in Acts (3): Paul’s Conversion and Preaching 13. Review Lessons include memory work and different types of questions, such as short answer, true-false, matching, multiple choice, and fill in the blanks. Each lesson also includes application questions to help students learn how the lessons can apply to their own lives. There is a map at the beginning of the book.