Johnny Stringer
16 Lessons Covering the Book of Hebrews
This is an adult class book that studies through the book of Hebrews. Each lesson is accompanied by questions to help focus and direct the discussion. Lessons include: 1. God’s Superior Spokesman 2. Christ Became Man 3. Consider Christ 4. Labor to Enter Into that Rest 5. Christ—Our High Priest 6. On to Perfection 7. A Priest After the Order of Melchisedek 8. A Superior Priest With a Superior Covenant 9. A Greater Ministry in a Greater Tabernacle 10. The Sacrifice of Christ (1) 11. The Sacrifice of Christ (2) 12. Faith Exemplified (1) 13. Faith Exemplified (2) 14. Patient Endurance 15. Diligence to Be Faithful 16. Final Instructions and Personal Remarks This study is suitable for teenagers, young adults and adults.