Johnny Stringer
24 Lessons Covering the Book of Romans
This is an adult class book that studies through the book of Romans. Each lesson is accompanied by questions to help focus and direct the discussion. Lessons include: 1. The Beginning of a Profound Letter 2. Judgment Without Partiality (1) 3. Judgment Without Partiality (2) 4. Paul’s Conclusion: All Are Under Sin 5. The Righteousness of God Versus Righteousness by the Law 6. Lessons from Abraham’s Justification 7. The Blessings of Justification by Faith 8. Christ and Adam 9. Shall We Continue in Sin? 10. Deliverance from the Law 11. Futility Under the Law 12. The Blessed State of the Christian 13. Help During Suffering 14. Rejection of the Jews (1) 15. Rejection of the Jews (2) 16. Rejection of the Jews (3) 17. Rejection of the Jews (4) 18. Rejection of the Jews (5) 19. Faithful Servants 20. More Responsibilities of Christians 21. Differences Among Brethren 22. Glorifying God in Unity 23. Paul’s Discusses His Work and Plans 24. Paul Concludes the Letter This study is suitable for teenagers, young adults and adults.