Johnny Stringer
26 Lessons Covering the Book of Acts
This is an adult class book that studies through the book of Acts. Each lesson is accompanied by questions to help focus and direct the discussion. Lessons include: 1. Luke Begins His Second Treatise 2. The Great Beginning 3. A Lame Man is Healed 4. Wonderful Activities in Jerusalem 5. Stephen: Martyr for Christ 6. Phillip’s Evangelistic Work 7. Saul’s Conversion and Early Preaching 8. Activities of Saul and of Peter 9. The Conversion of Cornelius 10. Events in Antioch and Jerusalem 11. Paul’s First Journey (1) 12. Paul’s First Journey (2) 13. The Jerusalem Conference 14. Paul’s Second Journey (1) 15. Paul’s Second Journey (2) 16. Paul’s Second Journey (3) 17. Paul’s Third Journey (1) 18. Paul’s Third Journey (2) 19. Paul’s Third Journey (3) 20. Paul the Prisoner (1): Paul is Arrested 21. Paul the Prisoner (2): Paul Appears Before the Sanhedrin and is Sent to Caesarea 22. Paul the Prisoner (3): Paul Before Felix 23. Paul the Prisoner (4): Paul and Festus 24. Paul the Prisoner (5): Paul Before Agrippa 25. Paul the Prisoner (6): The Journey to Rome Begins 26. Paul the Prisoner (7): The Journey to Rome Ends and Paul is Imprisoned There This study is suitable for teenagers, young adults and adults.